Forage Feeder

Forage Feeder

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Feeder includes:
3 food grade silicone nipples in 3 different sizes
• Digital booklet with care instructions and filling ideas

Why you'll love it:
• Nipple is made of safe non-toxic food grade silicone
Tested free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and Lead
Easy to clean and durable
Open handle makes it easy for little hands to hold
Safely introduce new foods
Promotes self-feeding skills
Soothing on sore, swollen gums and relieves teething pains


Lab tested for safety:
Tested regularly to comply with CPSIA and FDA standards


Forage Feeder and Ice Cube Tray are sold separately

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Lab tested for safety

Tested regularly to comply with CPSIA and FDA standards


How to use the Forage Feeder:

Choose appropriate nipple size for baby and insert into the Forage Feeder handle. Make sure the feeder is clean before each use by washing with soap and rinsing with warm water. Then, simply fill the nipple with desired food and snap the feeder closed to lock. You can also pop on the cap for on the go snacks!

The Moss & Fawn Forage Feeder can begin helping your little one even before they are ready for solids! You can fill the feeder with frozen breast milk or formula as a great way to naturally soothe teething pain and swelling caused by teething or as a snack option that will be sure to keep your baby entertained. Since breast milk or formula plays a very important role in your baby’s diet for at least the first year, this is a great way to continue giving them nutrients from milk.

Fall in love with the Forage Feeder

The feeder is not only the best way to introduce solids safely, but also great to soothe teething pains naturally!

Promotes self feeding skills

Soothes sore and swollen gums from teething

Safely introduce new foods

Easy to clean and durable


Introduce solids!


What is the Forage Feeder?


FREE Booklet

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