Best Baby Food Feeder!

Use the Moss & Fawn forage feeder to introduce solids without having to worry about your baby choking. When you first introduce food to your baby they may bite off more than they can chew or just swallow food whole. With the forage feeder only small bits of food can pass through the small holes in the silicone.

A Baby Must Have:

@caraloren "She loves them!"

Moss & Fawn XOXO”

@Danyelsnow “Andi just loves hers! It has helped us so much!"

@itsme_irinaz “This is perfect! Her teething is so bad past couple of weeks all I can do is use something like this and feed her frozen foods! Honestly it’s perfect for us, we love it”

@lexi_ang "Love the size variety and how easy it is to clean. It is still a favorite after 5 months when teething"

@chantellepaige "Love it, thank you so much!"

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