Meet the Linen Drool Bib

Why linen?

Why linen?

Linen uses less pesticides while growing than cotton making it more sustainable than cotton! Linen is also breathable and gets softer with each wash making it a great material for a drool bib.


Did you know?

These bibs are nickel and Formaldehyde FREE, so that you don’t have to worry about harmful substances in your baby’s everyday essentials. Made with all natural linen which is super breathable, soft and absorbent, keeping your baby comfortable.Formaldehyde: A known carcinogen (although unregulated in the USA) used in clothing to prevent wrinkling and decay of natural materials. Many popular brands of baby clothing have been shown to contain formaldehyde in concentrations as high as 18,000 ppm (parts per million)! It is said that up to 20 ppm for babies is safe, these Drool Bibs contain 0ppm!


Why you'll love it

Our baby 2-in-1 burp cloth and bib are perfect keep your little one clean and dry while teething! These bibs make the perfect accent piece for any baby outfit.

Choose appropriate nipple size for baby and insert into the Forage Feeder handle. Make sure the feeder is clean before each use by washing with soap and rinsing with warm water. Then, simply fill the nipple with desired food and snap the feeder closed to lock. You can also pop on the cap for on the go snacks!

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