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by Lia Everette

 "Moss & Fawn is a company I came across on Instagram, and was legit so excited to try this product. With teething twins who are also ready to start trying whole foods, this Forage Feeder was a win-win combo for me. As mom of three children, I love having a way for the little ones to snack while I’m prepping or making meals. They can sit in their high-seats right next to me while they explore foods safely. It is also a great way to relieve sore gums. My fussy teething twins were easily soothed with this!"

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Ten Favorite Baby Products
by Aubrey

"#1 Moss and Fawn Forage Feeder– Yep, this is my number one baby product! We use this thing every single day, and it’s a game changer. We used a similar one from the grocery store before this, it had a mesh bag and was just not hygienic. When I found Moss and Fawn I knew this would be amazing. Everett totally loves it, we put frozen fruit in it all the time and it helps with teething pain and makes him so happy."

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Moss & Fawn
by Macie

"I am especially thrilled to be sharing one of my favorite products with you for your babe. I came across mossandfawn on Instagram and was naturally drawn to the Forage Feeder because of the subtle colors they offer and the silicon nipple instead of the mesh like other feeders offer. My absolute favorite feature that this feeder has is the fact the nipple will never be able to touch the ground. With our first son, Matthew, we had a feeder with the mesh and we honestly never really used it because our pup's hair would get stuck in the food. It was so gross. With the Forge Feeder, that never happens."

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Instagram Praise:

@caraloren "She loves them!"

@thegarciadiaries "We use it every single day and love it sooo much!"

@coop.and.his.triplet.troop "This product is truly amazing and so genius"

@cambriairene "Thank you for the feeders, we love them"

@irreplaceablemomentss "Your feeder is a lifesaver for sure"

@_raisingriver "We bought another one, one for home and one for diaper bag!"

@ansilli5 " I love your product!"

@lajr “ Thank you so much, it’s adorable!”

@kaylaaaacook “Tried it last night and absolutely loved it”

“Thank you for making a product that is high quality and cute!”


“My baby has been teething like crazy and NOTHING has helped except the Forage Feeder!”


“She LOVES it and cries when I take it away to fill with more banana!”


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@elysendean "It's been the BEST for giving him foods, I'm constantly washing it for the next use!"

@dearliebes "The amount of care that goes into your packaging has me swooning. Really beautifully done"

@lexi_ang "Love the size variety and how easy it is to clean. It is still a favorite after 5 months when teething"

@mama.rolls "Rhett has been teething and this forage feeder by @mossandfawn has been a blessing in soothing his gums."

@akwis "We just LOVE our feeder and it's my go to for any baby present!"

@chantellepaige "Love it, thank you so much!"

@emiliegann "I truly love it! I think all moms would like to know about your darling product"

@mrskmarino "It is so perfect for teething and the most AMAZING way to introduce foods"

Moss & Fawn

More than just a baby feeder!

The Forage Feeder not only helps safely introduce solids but it's also great to soothe teething pains naturally. 

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Babiekins Magazine:
"We recently learned about the adorable company Moss & Fawn who make *adorable* forage feeders to safely introduce solids to your baby! They can also be used to fill with frozen foods to soothe teething pains and swelling (they have a great Amara popsicle DIY here ). If you have ever had a teething baby then you know exactly how miserable they can feel. We love how cute, easy and safe these forage feeders are!"