Think your baby has some teeth coming in? Those pearly whites can start making an appearance from three to seven months old, but every baby is different! 

Take this quiz to determine if a toothy grin just might be on the horizon. If you answered yes to more than 6 of these questions, you may very well have a teether on your hands!

Is your child drooling more than normal? 

  • This classic symptom means teeth are gradually pushing their way into view.

  • Have you noticed a facial rash? 

  • See the above! Drooling can cause a facial rash.

  • Does your baby seem to have a slight fever (101 or below)?

  • New teeth can cause inflammation and inflammation can cause a fever. 

  • Noticing some more than usual irritability? 

  • Of course, irritability can come from other sources, like illness, but when paired with more teething symptoms it is often a precursor to new teeth. 

  • Are they tugging at their ears? 

  • Teeth pain equals jaw pain equals pain in little ear canals! Unlike an ear infection where it’s super tough to distract your baby from the pain, it will be easy to turn your baby’s attention from this pain toward say, their favorite doll. 

  • Is your baby gnawing at everything they can get their hands on? 

  • Everything going in and toward your baby’s mouth? Some babies gain relief from gnawing on objects. 

  • Is your baby waking in the night more often than usual? 

  • Cutting teeth is a bad feeling for little mouths! The pain may be waking your little one from their beauty sleep. 

  • Is your baby avoiding eating? 

  • From burning and stinging to uncomfortable suction sensations, new teeth can make eating discomforting for little ones.  

  • This is an exciting time with lots of foods to try. But there’s more to budding teeth than discovering if they’ve inherited your cute lopsided grin. We’re here to help. 

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