Teething Hack

Looking for new ways to help your baby through teething? Try the Moss and Fawn Forage Feeder, it comes in 3 different sizes so it can accommodate every stage of teething. You can start soothing those sore gums even before they are eating solids by filling it with frozen breast milk! We all know the power that comes with breast milk so imagine being able to freeze your breast milk and apply it to your baby's painful and swollen gums while they teethe.

Now with the Moss and Fawn Forage Feeder you can! You simply fill the top with frozen breast milk and have your baby safely chew on the feeder which then relives the pain and reduces swelling in their widdle gums.

Then use the Forage Feeder to safely introduce solids and fill with fruit or veggies! The Forage Feeder comes with a tiny booklet that is full of ideas to fill your Forage Feeder with at each stage of growth.