Shelby's Story

We love hearing from members of the Moss & Fawn community!  Today we are sharing Shelby's story.  Shelby is a mom of four, her baby, Benjamin is eight months old. 


I remember first seeing the Forage Feeder years ago and thinking it was SO cute and had a great concept of growing with baby! I love products that last a long time and grow along with your developing babies! Ever since we got ours, well over 5 years now, we have used it regularly and not only has it stood the test of time and use, but ALL of our 4 kids have absolutely loved it! And not to mention the biggest perk, no choking on anything while trying foods!


It is definitely made of durable materials!! From being able to feed themselves to gnawing on something frozen for teething, it’s been one of my most used and loved baby products. It’s easy to clean, and way easier to hold onto for little hands than the one I had prior to the Forage Feeder! I got rid of the other one so fast because it was clear that Moss & Fawn nailed it! Cute and practical, we are obsessed and highly recommend it!