Baby-led weaning with Moss & Fawn

Is your baby about to start solids? Are you thinking of trying baby-led weaning, but you are a little nervous about the process? Read on for how the Forage Feeder from Moss & Fawn can help your baby with their food journey!

What is baby-led weaning?

Baby-led weaning is simply skipping spoon-feeding purees or mashed up foods, and allowing your baby to explore finger foods as soon as they begin solids, around 6 months of age. Many parents will do a little of both, allowing finger foods options as well as purees or mashed food. Each baby is different and only the parents will know what is best!

Benefits of baby-led weaning with the Forage Feeder

There are many benefits to letting your baby take the lead on mealtime. Here are a few ways the Forage Feeder eases the process of transitioning your baby to eating solids.

Fine-tuning motor development - Hand eye-coordination is an important skill for all babies, especially for self-feeding. The Forage Feeder can be given as early as 4 months with frozen breast milk or formula, which gives them a head start on the hand-eye coordination needed to hold food and bring it to their mouth. 

Safely introducing solids - introducing solids can be scary! The Forage Feeder only allows a small amount of food to pass through, which means your baby can try any food without the worry of choking. It is important to introduce many different flavors to your baby at a young age to avoid picky eating as they get older. Unlike purees, foods in the Forage Feeder retain their flavor and color, which allows your baby to safely and accurately explore the taste, aroma, and color of a variety of foods!

Comfort while teething - you can start introducing solids around 6 months of age, which usually overlaps with babies cutting their first teeth. You can help soothe their teething pain while introducing new foods by freezing fruits, vegetables, breast milk, or formula and placing them in the Forage Feeder. It is also a great way to provide nutrition from breast milk or formula as they are eating more and more solid foods! 

All food journeys are unique and special! Moss & Fawn is here to help in every stage of this exciting time! 

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Written by Kimberly Durr