Mom life is all about finding what works for you and doing it—again and again. At Moss & Fawn, we’re dedicated to creating products that keep moms happy and babies healthy. Here are five helpful tips we’ve heard from moms who have made The Forage Feeder a best seller. 

Mom Tip 1: Find ways to soothe your baby. 

Have a newly teething baby? Cold treats that baby can snack on safely will be a lifesaver for you. 

The Forage Feeder is the best-selling solution for offering babies teething relief and safely introducing solids. You can give your baby a safe-to-eat snack that offers important nutrients, introduces solids, and soothes sore gums. Plus, its two-piece design makes it simple and easy to clean. 

Mom Tip 2: Have an easy-to-go grab bag. 

Your baby never sits still—which means neither do you. Keeping a toolbox of

well-loved items that travel well will help you keep up. 

The snap-on lid makes The Forage Feeder the best solution to take on the go for your baby to enjoy anytime, anywhere. 

Mom Tip Three: How to keep your baby occupied. 

You love having baby close. And you also love getting things done. Snagging a productive moment is easy when your babe is napping, but naps are inconsistent and any moment you can make use of is precious. 

 Meal prepping or having a meal of your own? Pop your baby in their high chair and give them The Forage Feeder. The round handle is made for little hands so they can feed-themselves and the holes are small enough to keep them safe so they can enjoy their snack safely. 

Mom Tip Four: Invest in products that grow with your child. 

Your baby is growing so fast that it’s hard to keep up. They outgrow clothes, shoes, and even toys in the blink of an eye. The best products for babies—and the planet—are ones that you don’t have to toss out as they grow. 

That’s why we designed The Forage Feeder with multiple nipples so that you can swap them out as your baby’s needs change and evolve. 


Mom Tip Five: Keep your baby healthy.

With The Forage Feeder you can keep your baby healthy and happy by filling the feeder with all natural fruits, veggies, or breastmilk/formula. The feeder creates eye to hand coordination which aids in healthy brain development. 

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