My baby absolutely loves the forage feeder! It has helped her self feed so well. We put avocados, watermelon, pineapple, banana and other vegetables in it and she eats by herself. It's so easy!

Maria S.
Dallas, TX

I bought the forage feeder and freezer tray for our 6 month baby boy to start the transition to solids. He loves it!

Megan P.
Dover, TN

One of my most used products for my 6 month old. We started using the forage feeder even before Sage Dean could hold it himself. Now it is great for teething and distracting for a moment. IYKYK. Love this product and that it is now available at Target! Favorite baby shower gift too!

Jesslin K.
Cutchogue, NY

I love the update on the trays- the little tab make it a breeze to open even my little toddler could do it!

Ashley L.
Highlands Ranch, CO


Tout simplement Jessica



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